Aug 5 2017

Joe – s Datacenter – Providing Affordable Datacenter Services Since 2008 #data #center #kansas #city


Joe s Datacenter

Joe s Datacenter, LLC has been providing affordable datacenter services since 2008.

We are specialized in providing affordable dedicated servers, virtual private servers and server colocation. From the ground up, we custom designed our datacenter with a small business focus. By doing this, we were able to lower our overhead and take a minimalist approach to provide reliable services. We allow customers to lease a small amount of space of servers at a low cost. This creates an opportunity for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals that they might not have otherwise had due to the standard barriers to entry within the industry.

We own and operate our own facility which is located at 1325 Tracy Ave in downtown Kansas City, MO.

We moved to this location in October of 2013 because we were outgrowing our space in the Oak Tower. This new location is well suited for datacenter use as it is located near fiber lines, has plenty of outdoor space for mechanical equipment, reliable power provided by KCP L, and room for the business to grow for years to come.

This facility has 2 datacenters. The first is only accessible to our employees and has equipment that is owned by the business. There is a mixture of rack and tower servers that are sold as both dedicated and virtual private servers. The second is accessible to our employees and our colocation customers. The servers in this room are owned by our customers, so there is a mixture of server types in this room as well. This datacenter also has multiple work benches, a computer station, a restroom and free wi-fi for customers on-site. Both datacenters are built with hot and cold rows to provide better cooling. We use temperature, humidity, and power probes to monitor all environmental aspects of the datacenter.

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January 17, 2017

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