Aug 3 2017

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Secure Your Vancouver Island Property with Laser Star Monitoring

If you are tired of signing contracts and would prefer great service at a low monthly rate, turn to the Vancouver Island security professionals at Laser Star Monitoring. Our locally-owned, family-run business believes that great customer service at a fair price will retain great customers ā€“ not contracts.

No Hidden Costs ā€“ Whether You Install a New System or Keep Your Own

With Laser Star Monitoring, you own your security equipment and can customize your system to meet your exact needs. Instead of hiding the cost of the alarm equipment in the monthly monitoring fee, we separate the equipment cost, allowing you to make an informed decision. In fact, you can keep your old security system in place to save money. If you prefer, we are happy to upgrade your older system with a new, innovative model with all the features you want.

Video Surveillance, Access Control & Clear Digital Video Recording

Laser Star Monitoring goes beyond alarm installations with video surveillance, CCTV access control, state-of-the-art digital video recording and home theatre installations.

Get started on your security consultation today by contacting Laser Star Monitoring. If we can’t keep you with good service, we don’t deserve you as a customer.

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1222 Crown Cres, Victoria, BC, V8P 1M6

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